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AcceleDent - Portland, OR

How to Get Straighter Teeth in Much Less Time

AcceleDent hand tool

The story, oft-repeated, is that the first question patients ask about orthodontics is, “When can I begin?”, and the second one is, “When can I finish?” No one likes the thought of their treatment extending for very long, but the simple fact is that too rapid tooth movement can actually damage the roots, compromise the result, or both. Traditionally, orthodontic treatment times were calculated based on how long it would take to move the teeth comfortably and without harming them. The actual time needed for treatment was always a secondary concern because there was no proven way to shorten it.

Now, at last, there is an option. AcceleDent in Portland, OR is an ultra-conservative and very comfortable way to stimulate tooth movement that works beautifully with Invisalign®. Essentially, you gently bite onto a mouthpiece with your aligners in place for twenty minutes per day. Then, mild vibrations stimulate the bone to remodel itself, which enables the teeth to shift into their end position in half the time usually required. This can cut treatment time in half and help deliver the final result in a matter of months rather than a year or more.

Patients love AcceleDent because it provides a number of fantastic benefits:

Please ask us about this revolutionary new addition to our orthodontic menu. We are, as a premier Portland dental office, excited to be able to offer this to you and be on the forefront of innovation in dentistry.