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BioClear– Portland, OR

Simply and Beautifully Reshape Your Teeth

Do you dislike the shape of your teeth? Perhaps your dissatisfaction is due to a chip, or it may stem from unsightly black triangles near your gums. These aesthetic issues have the potential to dampen your confidence in your smile. Traditional means of addressing these problems include veneers, bonding, or even crowns. But is there a simpler solution? For many patients, yes. Let’s talk about BioClear in Portland.

What Is BioClear

BioClear is a special type of cosmetic bonding procedure that was first developed back in 2007. Since then, it has gained popularity as one of the most elegant ways to help patients achieve their smile goals.

The BioClear method uses heated composite resin (similar to what is used for tooth-colored fillings) to wrap a tooth. The resin is held in place with a specially shaped matrix, or mold, which ensures the procedure produces a perfectly shaped tooth.

Benefits of BioClear

Some of the most outstanding benefits of BioClear treatment include:

  • It usually requires just one appointment to complete.
  • The results are completely natural-looking. The resin is color-matched to blend in with the surrounding dentition.
  • It is considered a no-prep treatment, which means that, unlike veneers and crowns, it does not require your natural teeth to be modified.
  • With proper care, the results have the potential to last for 10 years or longer.
  • If you wish, BioClear can be reversed.
  • BioClear costs less than many other treatments offered by a cosmetic dentist in Portland.
  • Because BioClear can fill in spaces where bacteria may accumulate, it may reduce your risk of decay and infection.

Who Is a Candidate for BioClear?

BioClear is capable of correcting many cases of:

  • Chipped, worn, or broken front teeth
  • Severe discoloration or stains from past bonding treatments
  • Damage from dental decay
  • Black triangles near the gums that occur due to gum disease, orthodontic treatment, or other circumstances
  • Small, natural gaps between the teeth

If you have any of the above issues, schedule an appointment with our team. After Dr. Lee has the opportunity to examine your teeth, he will let you know if BioClear or another treatment would be more suitable for your situation.

How Much Does BioClear Cost?

We will be able to provide you with a cost estimate when you come in for your cosmetic consultation. BioClear tends to cost much less than regular veneers. Plus, since it lasts longer than regular bonding, it offers an outstanding value. Depending on the reason for your treatment, insurance may pay for a portion of your care.

Are you ready to learn more about BioClear? Contact ustoday to ask questions or schedule an appointment. We look forward to speaking with you!