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BOTOX® - Portland, OR

All About BOTOX®

You hear about it from friends. You see it on TV. You read about it in magazines. And you wonder what the straight skivvy is on it.

Well, glad you asked.

There are two primary uses for BOTOX®, one esthetic and one functional.Let's go with how it works first and then address each of these subcategories.

BOTOX® for Wrinkles

young woman getting Botox injection in forehead

BOTOX® acts on muscles like a dimmer switch works on your living room lights, turning down the current reaching the muscles. This means the muscles act with less intensity and are more relaxed.

The wrinkles in your forehead (when you are surprised!), and at the bridge of your nose (when you frown), and around the sides of your eyes (when you squint or laugh) are created by the underlying muscles contracting, causing the skin to fold upon itself. You know, like a shower curtain gathering on the rod. If you relax the muscle, and decrease the contraction, you remove the wrinkling. And TA-DA, a more youthful and relaxed appearance, right before your very eyes!

And this effect lasts for right around 90 days, then it returns to its previous condition. No better, no worse, but because it goes from smooth to wrinkled in a short time, it may seem more dramatic to you.

That's it. All the Good and the Bad. Oh, and BOTOX® can be refreshed as frequently as you would like, as many times as you would like, without the diminishment (or enhancement) of its effectiveness.

Simple and effective. No fuss, no muss.

BOTOX® for TMJ Pain

closeup of woman’s face before and after Botox

BOTOX® for TMJ treatment in Portland is similar in duration and philosophy and action, but it has a significantly different objective: pain relief.

Most of the pain that people associate with TMJ is, in fact, due to overworked muscles, and we have discussed that in detail in other articles on our website. And while the overworked muscles are very often caused by a not-so-ideal bite, BOTOX® can relieve the symptoms of pain, and of overdeveloped jaw muscles, almost instantly, and again, for about 90 days.

It is used to relax the muscles of chewing, so they are not as active and do not build up more lactic acid than the body can comfortably deal with. Also, the muscles thin out as they relax, and the jawline jowls can shrink back to normal. Grinding slows or stops altogether, teeth become less sensitive, ice water sensitivity may diminish, and your entire body feels better. It is like a miracle,

But again, only for the 90 days, because there is a timer on this dimmer switch. Then it can be refreshed, at your option.

How We Use BOTOX®

man getting Botox injected into chewing muscles

At Advanced Dental Arts Northwest, we will often do this for our patients to demonstrate that the muscles are in fact the reason for their TMJ pain, because all that stops when the muscles are relaxed. Once the muscles relax, the pain goes away. We have procedures to help that pain relief become long term, but that is a whole different treatment process (see "Disclusion Time Reduction", or "DTR" on our website).

So, in summation, BOTOX® can be used as an easy, 90-day esthetic "youth-en-izer" to remove wrinkles, as a way of determining if your facial pain is due to muscles or to bad joints, and as a way to thin out the lower part of your face. All are very valid uses of this material, and we offer all of them here, as part of our menu of comprehensive care.

We are happy to discuss in person all your questions and concerns. Just give us a call at 503-235-0555 or request an appointment online to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation introductory meeting.