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BOTOX® - Portland, OR

All About BOTOX®

In the media, BOTOX® receives a lot of attention because of how often celebrities use it to lessen the appearance of facial wrinkles, but that is just the beginning of the benefits it offers. At Advanced Dental Arts NW, BOTOX® serves a higher purpose—fast pain relief for those suffering from TMD. In addition to turning back the clock for someone’s face, we can also give them a level of comfort and ease they didn’t think was possible.

BOTOX® for TMJ Pain

mature woman feeling relaxed thanks to Botox in Portland

Most of the pain that people associate with TMJ is, in fact, due to overworked muscles in the jaw and face. And while the overworked muscles are very often caused by a not-so-ideal bite, BOTOX® can relieve the associated pain, almost instantly.

BOTOX® is used to relax the muscles of chewing so they are not as active and do not build up more lactic acid than the body can comfortably deal with. Also, the muscles thin out as they relax, and the jawline jowls shrink back to normal. Teeth grinding slows or stops altogether, teeth become less sensitive, ice water sensitivity may diminish, and the entire body feels better. It is like a miracle!

Better yet, after just one treatment, the effects last for about three months, a whole quarter of a year, during which a patient will feel better than they have in years.

How We Use BOTOX®

dentist explaining treatment to patient

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we will often use BOTOX® to help us diagnose the cause of someone’s TMJ pain. It allows us to determine with great accuracy that the muscles are in fact the reason for a patient’s TMJ pain because it stops when the muscles are relaxed. Then, we have procedures to help that pain relief become long-term, but that is a whole different treatment process (see "Disclusion Time Reduction," or "DTR" on our website).

BOTOX® for Wrinkles

closeup of a woman’s face before and after Botox in Portland

Of course, no conversation about BOTOX® would be complete without mentioning the “youth-enizing” effects it offers. In addition to pain relief, it also offers a quick and comfortable way to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

The wrinkles in your forehead (when you are surprised!), at the bridge of your nose (when you frown), and around the sides of your eyes (“crow’s feet”) are created by the underlying muscles contracting, causing the skin to fold upon itself--like a shower curtain gathering on the rod. If we relax the muscle with BOTOX® and decrease the contraction, we can remove the wrinkling. And TA-DA, you have a more youthful and relaxed appearance right before your very eyes!

This effect lasts for an impressive three months, and we can give a patient a quick touch-up when needed so they can enjoy their refreshed look year-round.  

Is BOTOX® Right For You?

mature woman with smooth skin thanks to Botox in Portland

Whether you’re talking about pain relief or wrinkle reduction, BOTOX® can be refreshed as frequently as you would like, as many times as you would like, without the diminishment of its effectiveness.

In summation, BOTOX® can be used to determine if your facial pain is due to muscles or bad joints, it can almost immediately relieve this pain, plus it can smooth out facial wrinkles and thin the lower part of the face. All are very valid uses of this material, and we offer each of them here as part of our menu of comprehensive care.

We are happy to discuss in person all your questions and concerns. Just give us a call at 503-235-0555 or request an appointment online to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation introductory meeting.


Woman with questions about BOTOX for TMJ in Portland

Ready to try BOTOX® in Portland for TMJ disorder relief? It’s only natural to have some questions about this treatment before you’re ready to commit to it. We want to help you make a confident and well-informed decision, so we will gladly answer all your questions in-person during your consultation. For added convenience, we’ve also listed a few of the most common questions we get below so you can learn more about BOTOX®. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re ready to schedule your next appointment, we invite you to give us a call!

How Quickly Does BOTOX® Work for TMJ?

We understand that TMJ disorder can hinder your everyday life, which is why we want to provide treatments that are both effective and fast. In most cases, BOTOX® for TMJ can provide mild results in as little as just a day or two. However, most patients will be able to experience substantial relief from their TMJ symptoms in about 7-10 days.

How Long Does BOTOX® for TMJ Last?

Unfortunately, BOTOX® for TMJ disorder is not a permanent solution. That being said, it can offer months of relief! You’ll first begin to feel a difference in your TMJ symptoms within a week. In most cases, you can expect to continue to enjoy these results for three to four months, or sometimes even longer! However, you may begin to notice your TMJ discomfort slowly returning after that time, at which point we encourage you to come see us for another BOTOX® treatment.

Does Getting BOTOX® Hurt?

BOTOX® is virtually painless, the majority of patients report. Receiving the BOTOX® injections themselves may cause a slight stinging sensation. Afterwards, common side effects include minor swelling, redness, and tenderness around the injection site. Many people describe it as similar to a bug bite. These symptoms will fade in a few days, often without any extra care. Most patients find that the overall results of their BOTOX® treatment are well worth any side effects they experience, to the point where they choose to have it done repeatedly.

Can BOTOX® Help with Jaw Clenching?

Studies and patient testimonials alike show that BOTOX® can be used to help alleviate the symptoms of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This condition is called bruxism, and over time it can weaken or damage your teeth. What’s more, it causes symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, and neck stiffness. Fortunately, researchers have discovered that using BOTOX® in the chewing muscles in the cheek can block the signals that trigger grinding and clenching.

What Should I Do After Getting BOTOX®?

BOTOX® doesn’t require any recovery time. While you should plan on relaxing and avoiding strenuous activity for the rest of the day, you should be able to go back to work, school, and the rest of your daily life without interruption. You should avoid strenuous exercising, but you can gently flex your facial muscles by frowning and smiling. Additionally, you should avoid wearing makeup for the following 24 hours and plan on remaining upright for four hours directly after your treatment. You should feel practically completely back to normal within a day or so.