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How to Select The Right Dentist For You

How to Select The Right Dentist For You

It’s not uncommon for many people to underestimate the importance of enjoying quality oral health. Studies have shown that healthy teeth and gums significantly lower the risk for a variety of long-term illnesses that include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Considering the important role your oral health plays in maintaining your overall health, it’s important to choose the right dentist in SW Portland for you and your family.

Think of the relationship with your dentist as a long-term health partnership that requires a level of trust. This means you need to find a dentist that you are comfortable with and who you can trust to protect the oral health of you and your family.

To find the right dentist in SW Portland to meet your family’s needs, consider the following helpful questions:

Can You Ask Plenty of Questions?

When you first visit our SW Portland dental office, make sure to bring with you a list of questions to ask Dr. Teasdale so you can get a better feel for his methods and practices to see if they align with what you’re looking for in a family and cosmetic dentist. These questions could include where Dr. T went to school, how long he has been a practicing dentist, what types of dental services he provides, and the experience level of his dental hygienists?

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we’re committed to help make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed during every appointment at our SW Portland dental office. Dr. Teasdale and the rest of our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have in advance of treatment so you can feel confident in the type of care you and your family will receive.

Any dentist you consider should have an open communication policy where he or she encourages patients to ask any questions or voice any concerns they may have about their treatment. If a dentist doesn’t want to answer your questions as openly as Dr. Teasdale, that’s a pretty good indication that your search for a new dentist should continue.

Do They Meet Your Needs?

With our busy schedules today, it’s easy to feel like every available moment of our time is taken with work, family, or personal commitments. Trying to find the time to visit the dentist without having to miss work or school can be problematic considering how little free time most of us have during the week.

When looking for a SW Portland dentist, you should consider whether an office can meet with your scheduling needs. If an office only takes and schedules appointments three days a week during the late morning or early afternoon, they might not meet your scheduling needs if you or your family are at work or in class during these times of day.

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we understand that our patients lead busy lives. That’s why we work with your schedule when setting appointment times that meet your needs.

Don’t settle for a dentist that thinks his or her time is more important that yours. Make sure your search for a dentist should factor ease of scheduling.

Do They Accept Your Insurance?

A basic principle when searching for any medical care, but it’s easy to assume that a dentist falls within your network when he or she doesn’t actually accept your insurance. Receiving care from a dentist that’s out of network or who doesn’t accept your insurance can mean paying a lot out of pocket to cover the dental care needs of you and your family.

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we make it easy for our patients by accepting most major dental insurance plans. Our front office staff will also work hard to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available under your plan when filling for reimbursement from your insurance company. Our goal is to make dental care affordable for all of our patients. That means working on your behalf to ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to under your plan.

Does the Staff Seem Friendly and Engaged?

A dental office is far more than just a dentist. From the front office staff welcoming you when walking in to the dental hygienists that clean your teeth to the exam and treatment by the dentist, a well-functioning dental office has a very holistic look and feel.

Our staff at Advanced Dental Arts NW strives to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where our patients know their oral health needs come first. We work hard at helping to reduce the stress and anxiety that many patients feel when visiting the dentist office.

Helping to create a great family atmosphere is just one more reason why Advanced Dental Arts NW is the right choice to be your family and cosmetic dentist in SW Portland.

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