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CEREC® One-Visit Dental Restorations – Portland, OR

Fast, Custom Restorations Made In-Office

CEREC 3D is a computerized system for designing and milling beautiful porcelain crowns and tooth restorations (inlays and onlays) in a single visit. With CEREC one visit dental restorations in Portland, OR, we remove only those portions of the tooth that are already lost or weakened and save as much of the original structure as possible—which is consistent with our minimally invasive approach to dentistry. The look and feel of a CEREC restored tooth are amazingly lifelike. Plus, there are no impressions, temporary crowns, or return visits necessary with this procedure!

Why Choose Advanced Dental Arts NW for CEREC® One-Visit Dental Restorations?

  • Restorations Created and Placed on the Same Day
  • Advanced Technology for Higher-Quality Results
  • Compassionate Team That Ensures a Pleasant Patient Experience

What Are CEREC® One-Visit Dental Restorations?

CEREC design on chairside computer

Dr. Teasdale has made continuing education and incorporating the latest technology a priority in our practice. Our staff at Advanced Dental Arts NW works to provide our patients with the best care; this is why we have included CEREC as part of our restoration options. CEREC is a system that was designed with you, our patient, in mind.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is more commonly referred to by the simpler CEramic REConstruction. With this technology, we can design, customize, and then fabricate a metal-free restoration, including veneers, inlays, onlays, dental crowns, and even dental bridges. This entire service is done in office, not in a dental lab. The difference is a product that is designed, created, and fabricated the same day as your dental appointment; you no longer have to wait multiple weeks to get a tooth repaired.

Same-Visit Prosthetics

Dentist and patient looking at CEREC design

At most dental offices, if a patient requires a dental restoration such as a crown or bridge, they are required to make at least two office visits. The first is to determine what is needed, and then at a later date, to fit the restoration. With CEREC, we can restore your tooth from start to finish all in one appointment, saving you time.

The CEREC system is both a customized design and milling station. Treatment begins with 3D radiographic images, which are then processed using CAD/CAM technology. The specialized software allows us to take precise measurements of the shape and size of your teeth. This will allow us to create a perfectly customized restoration that was designed with you in mind. The work done through this technology is far more efficient than traditional plaster molds.

Once we have designed your restoration, the CEREC milling machine will create your prosthetic while you wait. In a very short time, the machine will create and then fire your porcelain restoration right here in our office. Our patients love the CEREC difference. With CEREC, our patients no longer need to wait for their prosthetic to be fabricated in a dental lab. Now, we can have your dental work done from beginning to end in a single appointment.

Ceramic Dental Restorations

CEREC milling unit

CEREC restorations come with many benefits, including:

  • Perfect Looking Ceramic Teeth: Ceramic dental restorations visibly appear very close to your natural teeth, both in color and translucency.
  • Metal and Mercury Free: Our porcelain restorations are free of toxic materials, giving many patients peace of mind.
  • Less Risk: Ceramic crowns are made using only biocompatible materials, meaning less risk for allergic reactions or gum irritation.
  • Precise Fit: With CEREC 3D imaging and software, we can design a restoration that fits perfectly over your tooth and seamlessly among your other teeth.
  • Durable: Current studies have indicated that CEREC restorations exceed any other material in durability and longevity, including gold.

We would love to answer your questions about CEREC restorations! For more information, contact Dr. Teasdale-- our front office staff is happy to assist you.

CEREC One-Visit Dental Restorations FAQs

woman holding box with question mark in front of her

CEREC one-visit dental restoration technology is innovative and relatively new, so it’s only natural to have some questions about it! When you visit us for your appointment, we’ll be more than happy to go over in-detail how this amazing piece of equipment works and how it will benefit your smile. In the meantime, we’ve gathered some FAQs below so you can learn more about CEREC restorations! If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call!

How Long Do CEREC One-Visit Dental Restorations Last?

How long you can expect your new restoration to last depends on a variety of factors, including what type of restoration it is, where in the mouth it’s been placed, and how well you care for it. However, our restorations are crafted from high-quality materials that are well-known for their durability. In general, you can expect your CEREC restoration to last between 10 and 15 years. You can help extend this lifespan by:

  • Avoiding grinding your teeth or taking steps to treat your bruxism
  • Brushing and flossing daily
  • Visiting us for regular checkups every six months

Are CEREC Restorations Covered by Insurance?

As with any dental service, the insurance coverage for a CEREC restoration will vary depending on the details of your plan. In most cases, CEREC restorations are classified as basic or major restorations, which usually earns them anywhere between 80% and 50% coverage. To learn more about what your dental insurance plan covers, contact your provider or speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Does Getting a CEREC Restoration Hurt?

Getting any type of CEREC restoration should not feel uncomfortable. Before your treatment, we’ll numb your mouth with a reliable medication that should prevent you from feeling any discomfort during the process. We fully understand that many patients are anxious about dentistry and the possibility of their treatment hurting, which is why everything we do is led by compassion. Your safety and comfort are always our top priorities.

How Long Does It Take to Make a CEREC Restoration?

Traditional restorations may take upwards of two weeks to create, as the impressions are sent to a dental laboratory, created, and then shipped back. However, with CEREC one-visit restorations, you can have your smile restored in just a single easy appointment! First, we’ll prepare your tooth and take the necessary impressions. Then, we’ll send that data to our specialized software to design your restoration. While this design is sent to our in-house milling machine to be fabricated, you can relax in our waiting room. In just about an hour or two, your restoration will be ready and your smile will be renewed!

What Kind of Impressions Are Taken for CEREC Restorations?

In the past, the only way to take the impressions needed for restorations was with a sticky, uncomfortable putty. Fortunately, at Advanced Dental Arts NW, we use state-of-the-art iTero digital imaging and digital impressions! This technology is a quick, touchless way to capture detailed images of your dental structure, which can then be used to create a seamlessly lifelike restoration!