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Learn More About the Benefits of Delta Dental Premier

Having Delta Dental Premier dental insurance in Portland is a great way to ensure the health and future of your smile. Although slightly different from traditional Delta Dental plans, you can still enjoy great savings. At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we want to provide individuals with affordable access to dental care, which is why we are pleased to be an in-network Delta Dental Premier dentist. Here in Portland, we know you have options when it comes to dentistry; however, we encourage you to call us to find out how we can help maximize your benefits and ultimately, help you save.

Delta Dental Premier Coverage Availability & Fees

With Delta Dental Premier, there are two types of PPO policies to choose from: Low or High. No matter which one you choose, you’ll save significantly on various dental services; however, it is not until our team has a chance to review your plan that we can help you better determine how to get the most out of it.

With a Low PPO plan, 80% of your diagnostic and preventive services are covered. Fifty percent of your minor and major restorative services are also covered.

With a High PPO plan, 100% of your diagnostic and preventive services are covered, while 60% of your minor restorative services are covered, and 50% of any major restorative service is covered.

Because these are deemed fee-for-service benefits, you will have a copayment that you will be responsible for, as well as a deductible. Apart from the coverage provided by your insurance company, you will be required to pay any additional charges that may occur.

Also, with a Delta Dental Premier dental insurance policy, there is likely to be a waiting period for any type of restorative treatment. Our team, however, will go the extra mile to maximize your benefits and get you the care you need in a timely fashion.

Delta Dental Premier Employers in Portland

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, our team believes in providing the best possible dental care to residents in the Portland area. This is why we are a go-to provider for local employers, offering exceptional dentistry that promises comfort, safety, and top-of-the-line results. And because we believe in personalization and relationship-building, you’ll feel right at home.

We provide our services to employees of the following companies:

  • Nike Portland
  • Nike World Headquarters
  • Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Apart from scheduling your appointments, we'll help to maximize your employees' Delta Dental Premier benefits.


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