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DTR for Ear & Neck Pain—Portland, OR

Stop Pain & Restore Balance

The only thing more frustrating than dealing with persistent ear and/or neck pain is trying to do something about it and not seeing any results, even with the help of trusted professionals. Every year, these issues send millions of Americans to various doctors, chiropractors, masseuses, and more looking for meaningful relief that lasts. Ultimately, many find themselves back where they started, dealing with daily discomfort. This is because the actual source of the pain is often being overlooked and untreated. Fortunately for people in this position, there is hope for the future here at Advanced Dental Arts NW.

Dr. Russ Teasdale has helped many people dealing with these exact problems achieve lasting relief and comfort using state-of-the-art DTR therapy, an advanced type of TMJ treatment in Portland. He is the only dentist in the area certified to provide this kind of care and has decades of experience applying it, and with it, he can restore the lost balance to someone’s body for decades to come.

The Overlooked Source of Ear & Neck Pain

X-ray of the jaw, head, and neck

The reason so many people cannot seem to find a solution for their ear and neck pain is because, in many cases, the root of the problem is not found in the ears or neck, but rather the jaw!

If the bite is misaligned for any reason, this causes the muscles to strain whenever the teeth come together because the body is trying to force them into the optimal position for chewing. This leads to them overworking, tiring themselves out, and producing lactic acid. The presence of additional lactic acid is why your muscles feel stiff and sore after a rigorous workout.

This strain and discomfort often does not stay in the jaw, however, and can easily radiate into the ears and neck. The hinges of the jaw are next door neighbors to the ears, and the jaw sits right on top of the neck, so all three areas can be affected by the same overarching problem. What many people perceive to be an ear or neck issue is actually a bite issue, and this is something DTR therapy can directly address to help a patient feel better and function comfortably.

How DTR Therapy Can Help

relaxed woman sitting on porch looking at sky

With DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction) therapy, the bite is evaluated using a computerized analysis as well as electromyography (EMGs), which show how the teeth are coming together, what order they are touching, and (more importantly) how this is causing the muscles to activate. Too much activity indicates strain. This highly accurate approach provides an extensive amount of information about your bite, in real time, and enables Dr. Teasdale to identify the source of the problem and make the necessary adjustments to the teeth so they come together properly.

Once the bite has been balanced, the chain of events that creates chronic ear and neck pain is put to rest. The muscles of the jaw stay relaxed and move smoothly, so there is very little to no tension left that is capable of traveling to nearby areas. The result? Dynamic improvements to your wellbeing without reliance on medication, mouthguards, and other temporary stopgaps. And unlike these other methods, the results of DTR should last a lifetime. The body’s natural orientation has been restored, and everything is working as it should.

Relief is Waiting for You

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Dr. Teasdale has already used DTR therapy to help many patients finally and permanently overcome their chronic ear and neck pain, and he is ready to do the same for you. Better yet, his patients frequently note a general improvement with other balance-related issues after undergoing DTR therapy, such as incorrect posture, backaches, shoulder dipping, arm movement limitations, and more.

The solution you have been waiting for can be found right here at Advanced Dental Arts NW, and to start benefitting from it today, give us a call to schedule an appointment.