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DTR for Headache & Migraine Treatment—Portland, OR

How DTR Can Stop Your Chronic Head Pain

woman in white shirt enjoying relief thanks to DTR Treatment for Headaches in Portland

Chances are that if you frequently experience headaches or migraines, you have already been offered countless solutions by many different people: friends, family, doctors, and even internet strangers with good intentions. Usually, these suggestions boil down to two main approaches—relaxation and medication. Unfortunately, these options only treat the symptoms and not the cause of head pain. Dr. Russ Teasdale, a highly experienced TMJ Dentist in Portland, can address the cause of your problems, and work with you to resolve them. Chronic headaches and migraines are often the result of a misaligned bite, and his patients are able to escape this problem and regain a virtually pain-free life with the transformative power of computerized DTR therapy.

How Headaches & Migraines Can Be Caused by Your Teeth

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Your body is a complex, interconnected system, so issues in one specific area can readily affect other areas in ways that may not always be apparent. In any sequence, every error affects everything downstream, and nothing works well unless EVERYTHING works well. Think of an assembly line where one part just stops working correctly all of a sudden. Even though every other machine is fine, the once-smooth production process will most likely grind to a halt without warning.

A bad bite can be the underlying malfunction in question for a wide variety of bodily discomfort,

including constant headaches and migraines. If the teeth are not in the right position for optimal

chewing, the muscles of the jaw force them into position and hold them there. This leads to them overworking, causing a buildup of lactic acid, which makes your muscles sore after an intense workout. The jaw muscles work in conjunction with all the muscles of your head and neck, so tension in the jaw can transfer to them. The chain reaction started by a crooked bite often results in headaches and migraines that will not go away, and this is because the source of the disharmony—the bad bite—is never directly addressed by most common treatments.

How DTR Therapy for Headache & Migraine Relief Works

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If you are suffering from TMJ-related head pain, correcting your bite is the logical and correct approach. Using a computerized occlusal analysis and electromyography (EMGs), Dr. Teasdale can measure how your teeth interact as you chew and thus see exactly how this is affecting your jaw muscles. This approach provides precise, objective information, something that cannot be developed by simple "bite paper" and guesswork.

After gathering detailed analytical information, Dr. Teasdale can pinpoint the irregularities and high spots in your bite, so that all adjustments are made in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) then enables him to precisely align the bite so that the teeth come together properly and allow your jaw to reach a relaxed, natural resting position. As a result, the jaw muscles work far more efficiently and effectively, and do not build up excess lactic acid.  The result is greater comfort and the elimination of the headache and migraines.  

There’s Hope for a Headache-Free Future

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Just the anticipation of TMJ pain can be a tremendous drain on both an emotional and physical level, and that frustration builds with every occurrence.  Masking the symptoms with mouthguards and guesswork is at best a short-term solution.  People don't even tune up cars anymore without computers, so why should you not demand them for something as life changing as TMJ dysfunction?  

At Advanced Dental Arts NorthWest, we show you what the problem is, using data measured directly from your own bite and muscles.  We explain in plain, understandable language what is happening and why.  You will leave knowing more about your problem and the long-term options for relief than you ever believed possible. And wouldn't it be wonderful to kiss those headaches good-bye, forever.

With Dr. Teasdale, there is hope for longstanding relief, and you can get started by contacting him today to schedule a consultation.