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DTR for Teeth Grinding & Clenching—Portland, OR

How DTR Can Help You Stop the Daily Grind

woman experiencing relief thanks to DTR Treatment For Teeth Grinding in Portland

There is an old joke where a patient visits the doctor’s office with a serious pain when they raise their arm or turn their head. In return, the doctor simply tells them to stop doing that action – problem solved! While this exchange may seem humorous in a hypothetical setting, many dental patients find themselves hearing very similar words from their chosen doctor when they are seeking treatment for chronic teeth grinding and clenching.

Facial massage and relaxation techniques work to relieve pain, but they do nothing to address the cause of the pain. Unless those causes are resolved, the pain will eventually return. We all know that if you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep on getting what you're getting. TMJ pain is almost always a symptom of teeth hitting incorrectly, triggering a grinding and clenching response by the muscles. You can treat the muscles, with BOTOX or massage, but eventually, the pain will return. It is a reflex, and you really cannot "train muscles" to avoid a reflex. Instead, you have to remove the trigger of that reflex. And the removal of that trigger is what DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction) is all about.

Dr. Teasdale is the only dentist in the Portland area who has the training, experience, and equipment to provide this state-of-the-art DTR care. So, if you would like to live a life where your TMJ pain is just an unpleasant memory, please give ADANW a call at 503-235-0555. We are anxious to help you.

How a Bad Bite Leads to Grinding & Clenching

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Back teeth are designed to absorb direct vertical pressures, but when they slide across each other, they experience lateral pressures, which is a trigger to grind food. And as these teeth constantly grind against each other, the muscles become tired, and this results in jaw pain and stiffness. And it will not just "go away".

Nor will mouthguards generally provide more than just temporary relief of symptoms, because none of them address these side-to-side tooth contact issues. Plus, of course, these mouthguards only work, only CAN work, when they are worn, which leaves at least two-thirds of the day when they cannot help you at all.

The long-term relief of problems begins with discovery of the problem and ends with a precise bite. But you really need the accuracy that is only achievable with computers to guide the "fine tuning." So, we use the computer bite analysis to guide our adjustments and confirm that the muscles are acting ideally via EMGs. Only when these two agree are we happy with your bite (but not as happy with it as you will be!).

How DTR Can Help Treat Grinding & Clenching

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Mouthguards generally only protect the teeth from each other and do nothing about relaxing the muscles: in fact, they generally make the muscles worse. When we are treating areas as small as a hundredth of a millimeter, you need the precision and confidence that only computerization can provide. Guesswork should never be a component of your dental care.

With our protocol, using DTR, we can see which teeth touch, in what order, how hard, and how they interact as you chew. We measure the muscles, confirm they work only when necessary, and relax all other times. This is vitally important information that you cannot get in any other manner.

Dr. Teasdale's information-rich approach, and our decades of occlusal experience, allow us to create the bite that Nature intended for you, with the teeth, the muscles, the joints, and the smile all relaxed and comfortable. And all without the need for shots or impressions. Better Living Through Science.

Find Relief Starting Today

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If you are ready to say goodbye to lackluster treatments and finally regain your quality of life with DTR therapy, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation at Advanced Dental Arts NW. Dr. Teasdale is ready to guide you through this transformative process smoothly and seamlessly.