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DTR Therapy—Portland, OR

A Predictable, Lasting Solution for TMJ Pain

For patients suffering from TMJ-related pain, DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction) therapy offers the most reliable, effective, and long-lasting solution available today. Dr. Russ Teasdale is the first and foremost dentist in Portland trained and certified in DTR treatment. This method takes the guesswork out of TMJ therapy and uses a computerized system to identify the source of the dysfunction so it can be addressed directly, as opposed to just managing the symptoms, temporarily and ineffectively. If you are tired and frustrated because no doctor has been able to resolve your TMJ issue in a lasting way, DTR can help you achieve the happy, healthy, and pain-free life you deserve.

Who is a Good Candidate for DTR Therapy?

Dr. Teasdale recommends DTR therapy for patients dealing with some or all of the following conditions:

What is DTR?

man enjoying relief thanks to DTR therapy in Portland

The goal of DTR is to fine-tune the bite so that your jaw and facial muscles function efficiently and comfortably. The source of most TMJ dysfunction is a misaligned bite, which causes the nearby muscles to overwork. This tires the muscles, causing a buildup of lactic acid. Lactic acid build-up is also what makes your muscles ache after a strenuous workout.

DTR enables Dr. Teasdale to precisely adjust a patient’s bite so that the back teeth do not touch when the jaw slides side-to-side or front-to-back. This restores balance and prevents the muscles from straining themselves, allowing them (and you!) to completely relax.

How Does DTR Work?

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Rather than using bite paper to evaluate the alignment of the teeth, DTR utilizes a computerized occlusal analysis alongside electromyography (EMG). This shows how the teeth come into contact in real-time. It reveals what order and how hard they are touching based on a computerized analysis and EMG-confirmation that the muscles are working only when required. With this information, Dr. Teasdale can determine how the bite is straining the muscles and then adjust the teeth to make them come together correctly and easily. This may involve slightly reshaping teeth by removing a small amount of enamel or building up a tooth with a custom restoration. In certain situations, orthodontics may be recommended as well. The end result is a functional bite, revitalized muscles, and no more pain!

The Advantages of DTR Therapy

man leaning back and smiling in office

If you were going to have your car tuned, how would you want the mechanic to handle the problem? Do you want them to use the latest computer technologies and techniques for a precise diagnosis, or do you want them to just kick your tires and listen to the engine before making vague recommendations?  Would you rather they use pinpoint accuracy, or rules of thumb?

This metaphor illustrates how accurate the DTR method in Portland is compared to other TMJ treatments. It allows Dr. Teasdale to gather much more data about the bite and muscles, making it far more accurate to decide which adjustments need to be made to solve the problem.

It’s important to remember that DTR also permanently fixes the bite, unlike mouthguards that can only possibly have an effect while you are wearing them. DTR removes the daily source of a patient’s pain and empowers them to function comfortably all hours of the day, for years to come.

Achieve the Relief You Have Been Waiting For

“Relief Just Ahead” road sign

Dealing with TMJ pain can be frustrating and emotionally draining, especially if you have already visited multiple doctors and tried several treatments without getting results. When it is applied by a highly experienced TMJ dentist in Portland like Dr. Teasdale, DTR therapy is highly predictable in providing relief. At Advanced Dental Arts NW, our highly trained staff can show you exactly what is causing your pain and discuss how we can stop it using data measured from your specific and unique bite and muscles. DTR takes the uncertainty out of TMJ treatment, and you can trust Dr. Teasdale to provide the solution you need.

If you are ready to finally put your TMJ issues behind you, please give ADANW a call at 503-966-2528. Our team is focused on your comfort!