Giving Back

Giving Back

Portland is a wonderful place to live; that is why we all live here.

The ADA NW team loves to give back to the community.

The entire region has been wonderful for us, both as a dental office and as a home, and as a group, the ADA NW team tries to show our appreciation often in giving back to the community.

Henceforth, we will be posting, on our website, primarily, but also to patients directly, a list of activities we have been involved with.  Here are a few highlights….


At Advanced Dental Arts NW, your dentist in SW Portland, we truly have the BEST patients. We recently received this drawing from one of our youngest patients. This kiddo “gets it!” The motivation for doing what we do here is community. We love Portland, we love our patients, and we love your feedback. Take heart, young one – you WILL be a community helper/dentist someday – we just know it!


Few things enable us to so change lives as our annual commitment of care for the women at Rose Haven Shelter.  These women, of all ages and backgrounds, have an overflowing need for good dental care.  We open our office doors to them every so often, and provide whatever dental services we can in the time they are here.  These range from cleanings to full periodontal debridement, from sealants to full crowns–we even provided an in office whitening!  All of course, were donated, as were the materials and lunch for patients and staff.  Eight hours of time, some nearly twenty patients.  It is a record to beat next year!

We view this as one of the most Life-Changing things we can do. If nothing else, it improves their health, but of course, there is much more.  It improves their self-esteem, and their comfort, and their confidence in themselves.  Everyone feels better and more confident when they look and feel the part, but few people appreciate it more than the women from Rose Haven.


10351160_851797091497856_879305980513874961_nWe LOVE to volunteer at runs and walks for specific charitable organizations all throughout the year! For example, we recently participated in the Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run for United Cerebral Palsy! fundraiser – but it’s not just another fundraiser.  Our five representatives, three staff members plus Ou’s son, and Kerri’s sister, gave their time that day to help direct traffic and runners, and to serve as crowd controllers.  They were centered on the OMSI Campus, and helped to make the day a memorable and fun day for all.

Consistency is important to us at Advanced Dental Arts NW. Whether it’s offering quality dental care or offering our time to local causes, we always want to give our best and be a group that others can count on. One of the ways we do this is by participating in annual events. Every October, we participate in a wonderful event supporting Dress for Success. In November, we partner with Sunshine Pantry and do an annual food drive. We love Sunshine Pantry! Every December, we do a winter coat drive with them.


In March of this year, five of our staff members donned our ADANW hoodies, and spent the better part of a blustery Saturday clearing debris, weeds, moss, and trash from the landscaping at Lincoln High School.

As you may already know, the yard maintenance budgets for Portland Public Schools have essentially disappeared, and all the schools need volunteers to keep the grounds clean and inviting.  We picked Lincoln because it is, of course, just around the corner from our office.  And so, armed with shovels, rakes, brooms and plastic bags, we hauled, swept, and weeded vast areas to the west of the school buildings.  There were a good many volunteers that day, but ours was the only business and organized team to show up.  If there were a challenge for this one, we would issue it to every business in the City, to spend one day helping at a local school.


ice-bucketAmytropic Lateral Sclerosis affects nearly 30,000 people in the United States each year.  Many of you may know it as “Lou Gehrig Disease” because he was one of the first, and the first really famous, people to have contracted it.

ALS attacks the central nervous system, causing a loss of coordination and muscle tone.  It is progressive, and devestating, and to date there is no cure.  That is why this Challenge was so important.

And so, having been challenged by his daughters, and by the staff at ADANW, SW Portland Oregon dentist Dr. Teasdale accepted the challenge, and willing stood (at least for the initial dousing) as gallons of ice water were poured over his head.  It was all captured on videotape, also on our website.  And in return, we donated to the cause at the following address:

The ALS Association
Gift Processing Center
PO Box 6051
Albert Lea, MN 56007

To date, this challenge has raised an incredible $115,000,000.00 for ALS research.  What a great way to give back to the community. Especially on a hot summer day! (be sure to click on the photo for a link to the actual video!)


Our team made quite the appearance at the April Conference this year; had there been a contest for the most personable office, they surely would have at least medalled in it.  Because we routinely deal with some of the most highly developed technologies in dentistry, they were busy answering questions on everything from front-office procedures to patient record security, to lasers and to dental materials.  And precisely because we don’t have a vested interest in anything except the best, their opinions were much sought-after by other attendees.   Afterward, several of the vendors took them out for dinner, to pick their brains on how to improve their products.


Have you an idea, or suggestion, on how else we might give back to our communities?  If so, please let us know.  There are so many great and wonderful programs, and so many are left wanting, for lack of volunteers.

So that’s just us.  We want to help as a team, to make this community even stronger and better.  Because each of us is capable of much individually, but not nearly as much as all of us collectively.

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