Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, We Believe that Teeth Should be Healthy and Not Hurt.

Nobody appreciates dental pain, whether resulting from a bad bite, broken teeth, the progression of decay or previous dental work.

Everyone deserves as pain-free an experience with dentistry as possible, both during and after each appointment. The relief from discomfort comes from not only having the teeth restored to an optimal state of health, but also dealing proactively with problems like bad bites that will likely cause bigger issues down the road. So if you are looking for the best cosmetic dentistry care in SW Portland, Oregon, or just a dentist who is gentle and cares, please contact us today,

A healthy mouth is a mouth far less likely to incur emergencies, to develop periodontal or decay issues, to adversely affect the jaw joints, or to lead to systemic diseases. And so we do our best to get to the basis of the problem, and to not just treat symptoms.

In the long run, we all know that prevention is the least expensive and most comfortable health care dollar we can invest. We know we would be negligent if we did not tell you the options for the very best dental care, in your best interests.

Therefore, we make the following commitments to each patient who entrusts Advanced Dental Arts NW with their long-term dental care.

  • We pledge to listen to what you say the first time, so that you need not repeat yourself.
  • We pledge to treat you as we would our own family, with care we would want for ourselves.
  • We pledge to give you as accurate an estimate of what we will do as possible, and to inform you immediately if the treatment ever varies.
  • We pledge to treat you with the best technologies and techniques we can.
  • We pledge to make you as comfortable as possible throughout treatment.
  • We pledge to take care of your problems at the earliest possible moment.
  • We pledge to quote accurately the true and complete cost of treatment, and to research as much as we can any third party benefits, and to try to collect them for you.
  • We pledge to offer the same price to every patient for identical care, and not to make others pay for discounts to other patients.
  • We pledge to see you on time, every time. If not, you get to make a face at any staff member of your choosing.

Thank you for your trust!

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