Sustainability in Practice

Sustainability in Practice

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we believe that our greatest obligation is to provide the best dental care possible to our patients, and to treat our Mother Earth with the utmost respect and diligence. We are proud to have done just that for as long as we have been in practice.

  • In 1992, we completely discontinued use of mercury-based filling materials, instead converting to non-mercury filling materials.
  • Advanced Dental Arts NW was one of the very first dental practices in the country to filter mercury-based restoration millings from our suction lines before they were deposited into the sewer systems.
  • Advanced Dental Arts NW was first office in Oregon to polish teeth with baking soda and air, an all-natural method to clean teeth.
  • We are diligent in recycling materials used in our office, always seeming to be a step ahead of what is required.
  • Our CEREC system has, over the last eleven years, saved tens of thousands of patient and lab trips to the office.
  • The milled porcelain used at Advanced Dental Arts NW, in addition to being more accurate, is actually far less energy-intensive than conventional lab work.
  • We are the first office in Portland and one of the first in the country to convert to 100% optical imaging for all our impressions. The iTERO optical scanner used in our dental office practically eliminates conventional dental impressions but allows us to view more accurately the true orientation of the teeth and to diagnose subtle changes and indication of problems related to the form and the function of the teeth.

Paperless Charting

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we want to be a leader in green dentistry in Portland, so we have always shared a deep concern and commitment for our environment. In fact, Dr. Teasdale was a featured speaker for his high school district during the very first Earth Day way back in 1970, and the office has carried on this philosophy of using our resources wisely.

That is why we love the Internet, which allows us to communicate rapidly without paper or transportation. That is why our office was designed to maximize natural light, and why we use energy efficient lights for our background lighting, and low energy monitors throughout the office. And why we were the very first office in Portland to filter the heavy metals from our suction wastewater, several years before it was mandated by the State of Oregon. And why, weather permitting, you will frequently find windows and doors open, so that fresh air can fill our office naturally, like it should.

Environmental awareness has also made us convert exclusively to recycled paper for all our office printing. And it is why, whenever we have a mailing, we preferentially send it via email. And why we can forward digital information, photos, and referrals, within seconds, so there are never delays from our office. We also converted years ago to a fully paperless office, so all your charts, all our files, and all our business transactions are completely electronic, and your complete privacy is assured.

Digital Imagery

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, 100% of our x-rays are completely digital, so not only do we get a superior image with far less radiation, but also we can alter densities and contrast, so that each image provides clearer and greater information than ever before. Our digital radiographs now expose the sensors with less than one percent as much radiation as film required when we first set up our office (which in turn was less than 10% of what it was in the 1960s!

Digital imaging enables us to see beyond what can generally be detected during a visual exam, allowing us to identify cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level, and analyze the health of your bone. Dr. Teasdale can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors, and assess damage when trauma occurs.

For tooth and jaw images, we use the revolutionary Schick 33®, the industry’s premier digital radiography system. It provides superior guide images at a small fraction of the radiation exposure, which protects patients and allows us to easily network the films into our computers for ready availability.

Cerec – One Appointment Crowns

Care for the environment was also a big part of our decision at Advanced Dental Arts NW a decade ago to invest in Computer Designed and Manufactured (CAD/CAM) single visit CEREC 3D Porcelain Restorations. Not only does this technology enable us to save time and visits for our patients, but also it requires far less energy per restoration than having those restorations made in a commercial dental lab. And it completely cut out the need for impressions for most crowns and fillings, which represented a tremendous benefit for the earth, as those impression materials will not break down for hundreds of generations.

Dr. Teasdale has received specialized training in CEREC crowns, which require only one visit. They are created to precisely fit each person’s teeth individually, and are made in Dr. Teasdale’s office while you wait.


Impressions of your teeth may be required for a variety of purposes, including bridges, partial dentures, and for orthodontic records like Invisalign. However, we have become the first Oregon dental office to have the new iTero optical scanner, and one of the first general dental offices in the world to acquire this technology.

Dr. Teasdale and his staff at Advanced Dental Arts NW are extremely excited, because this means that we will reduce our use of non-biodegradable materials by well over 95%. Additionally, the optical impressions we take of your teeth will be far more accurate than ever before possible in any material, and we guarantee there will never be a second impression. And we will use this not only for crowns and bridges, but for all our orthodontic records (including INVISALIGN), and for our study models as well.

Of course, our primary concern has always been to provide the finest dental care for our patients, without compromise. So, just a gentle click from a camera as we image the necessary areas. Nothing could be simpler, easier, faster, or more comfortable for you.


Velscope® is a new protocol for early-stage oral cancer detection, when treatments can be simple and far more conservative. It is, we believe, one of the finest services we provide for our patients, because, while most of our procedures may be life changing, this one can truly be life saving.

Velscope is a progressive way to discover any signs of oral cancer. Used in conjunction with traditional examination procedures, Dr. Teasdale uses the Velscope to determine if there are any abnormalities present and whether or not a biopsy should be taken. This screening tool has proven to be invaluable, aiding the early detection of oral cancer in patients.

Waterlase MD®

Waterlase MD® is the most significant and versatile dental technology breakthrough since the development of bonding. With it, we can shape teeth and gums, perform pain-free periodontal treatments, cleanse root canal systems better than ever before, and even treat canker sores. There is no facet of dentistry not enhanced by this laser, no esthetic result it can’t improve. And, because it creates no vibration, heat, or friction, and only a gentle popping noise, quite frequently patients require no numbing at all.

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