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Dental Services – Portland, OR

Convenient. Comprehensive. Comfortable

As a provider of comprehensive dental care, our goal is to always deliver outstanding esthetics, comfort, durability, and value to our patients. We take great pride in our open and friendly communications because we know how important your teeth and appearance are to a full and vibrant life. There are no trivial or unimportant, questions in our dental office. The more you understand about the “Whats” and the “Whys" of our dental services in Portland, OR, the more you will appreciate the skill and care we provide for your well-being.

Our focus on comfort will last far beyond the short time you spend in the dental chair. True comfort comes when the teeth fit together harmoniously when they touch each other when they should, and don’t when they shouldn’t. It comes when your muscles work within their own “comfort zones,” exerting only when they are supposed to and resting when not active. Relaxed muscles reduce tension and create a tranquility throughout the head and neck, which will reduce pain associated with the movement of the jaw. That is why we say that, although esthetics are vital to the success of any case, we treat the bite first, because without the teeth coming together appropriately, the esthetics will be short-lived. With a good bite, everything looks and feels better and lasts a whole lot longer because the teeth and muscles are not fighting one another. When you respect the bite, it leads to healthier gums, stronger teeth, relaxed muscles, fewer wrinkles, less stress, longer lasting restorations, and no dental sensitivity to hot and cold foods/drinks.