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Dr. Teasdale enjoys writing and has curated several articles over the years on a variety of dental topics. We invite you to learn more about the fascinating world of dentistry and technology, and if you have a topic you are interested in learning more about, please feel welcome to contact us!

Dr Russell Teasdale, author of several dental articlesWhen Good Bites Go Bad
Truly Minimally Invasive Dental Care
The Wonderful Wizard of "AAAAHs"
The Skinny on Botox in Dentistry
The Dental Part of Cancer Treatment
Brand New Patient—Same Old Problem
The ABCs of Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea
Occlusion and TMJ
Innovation for Long Term Function and Aesthetics
Dental Occlusion 101
Sleep Apnea and Computers
Using Technology to Treat Bite Pain
The Real Truth About "Creating Smiles"
A Startling Revolution, At the Speed of Light
Truly Comprehensive Dental Care
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