Our Philosophy

Dental Restorations, like Natural Teeth, should Look Good, Feel and Function Great, and Last a Long Long Time

Everyone loves to be comfortable with their bite, with teeth that function so smoothly, you just forget about them. But occasionally, something may happen that causes sensitivity or pain, and that is when you really want the problem addressed, for the long term.

Not only do we at Advanced Dental Arts NW work expertly to resolve your discomfort, from decay, broken teeth, gum problems, or bite abnormalities, but we are also among the most experienced and highly trained esthetic clinicians anywhere. We work hard to maintain our position in the forefront of clinical dentistry, so that we can provide excellent care for each of our patients.

The benefits of teeth that are properly restored are many, and obvious, and go far beyond the beautiful smiles we all so crave. Teeth that are not sensitive to ice, or heat. Teeth that fit together and work harmoniously, like fine pieces of the intricate machine that is your mouth. Teeth that glide over each other smoothly, without interferences, and so enable your muscles and joints to function at their best as well. Teeth that are supported optimally by your jaws and gums, which fit tightly around your teeth, imparting a freshness to your every breath.

Teeth which are properly restored and in ideal position not only bestow a calmness upon the patient, but are also far less likely to chip, or to erode, or to become decayed. Or to require emergency visits, or pain medications, or last minute change of plans. Everyone benefits from a healthy mouth.

And, we all know, in the long run, prevention is the most comfortable, longest lasting, and cost-effective care you can get. We would be negligent if we did not tell you the options for your very best dental care, in your best interest.

Therefore, we make the following commitments to everyone who entrusts their dental care to our team at Advanced Dental Arts NW:
•  We pledge to listen to what you say the first time, so that you need not repeat yourself.
•  We pledge to treat you as we would our own family, with care we would want for ourselves.
•  We pledge to give you as accurate an estimate of what we will do as possible, and to inform you immediately if the treatment ever varies.
•  We pledge to treat you with the best technologies and techniques we can.
•  We pledge to make you as comfortable as possible throughout treatment.
•  We pledge to take care of your problems at the earliest possible moment.
•  We pledge to quote accurately the true and complete cost of treatment, and to research as much as we can any third party benefits, and to try to collect them for you.
•  We pledge to offer the same price to every patient for identical care, and not to make others pay for discounts to other patients.
•  We pledge to see you on time, every time. If not, you get to make a face at any staff member of your choosing.

Thank you for your trust!

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