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Regular preventive dental visits are extremely important in maintaining your dental health and reducing any discomfort or pain from neglect and decay.

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we emphasize prevention not only with annual exams by Dr. Teasdale as well as cleanings from our hygiene team, but also in the education we can provide to our patient community.

Here at Advanced Dental Arts NW, your premiere SW Portland dentist, we use digital x-rays for their ease of use and their advanced imaging of patients’ mouth and bone.

X-rays, and especially digital x-rays, are a wonderful tool in diagnosing all sorts of medical and dental diseases, because they let us “see” changes that are invisible or hidden from direct vision or probing.

In this way, we can catch decay very early, before it has caused significant dental damage, so we can restore a tooth with the bare minimum of discomfort and loss of solid tooth structure.

Clinical staff reviewing digital xrays with a patientWe can also assess the appropriateness of bone for any dental implants, or the condition of the roots or nerve of the teeth. We can also screen for cysts, or any impacted teeth, far within the bone. Hence, radiographs and digital x-rays can not only be life-changing, but also life-saving. Learn more about digital radiography and how it impacts your treatment.

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