Sustainability in Practice
Advanced Dental Arts NW in Portland Oregon - your sustainable practiceAt Advanced Dental Arts NW, our primary obligations are to provide the finest dental care to our patients, and to tread as lightly as possible on our environment. We strive to have our restorations last forever, but to make our impact on Mother Earth as minimal as we can.

Our office has been at the forefront of many great sustainable and environmentally-responsible changes in dentistry, and we fully intend to remain doing so into the future.

For example:
•  In l992, we completely discontinued using mercury-based filling materials, converting instead to tooth-colored, bonded restorations
•  Advanced Dental Arts NW was one of the very first dental offices in the country to filter mercury-based restorations from our suction lines, preventing those toxins from entering the sewer systems, and eventually our rivers and groundwater
•  We recycle well over half of everything that comes to or through our office, taking special care to shred any and all information relating to patients
•  As one of the very first users of the CEREC 3D CAD/CAM system for porcelain restorations, we have saved literally thousands of trips to the office, by both patients and dental labs
•  Additionally, the CEREC system to mill porcelain restorations, uses far less energy per restoration than conventional dental lab fabrication
•  Advanced Dental Arts NW was one of the initial users of the iTero Digital Scanning System, taking pictures of the teeth instead of the gooey in-the-mouth impressions. Patients universally appreciate the speed and comfort of these optical images, which are sent directly to the lab from our computer network. Not only is this faster, and far more accurate than the goo-in-the-trays, it also completely eliminates sending those impressions to landfills when we are done. This is important, because the materials used by other offices do not biodegrade for tens of thousands of years
•  We switched to digital radiographs as soon as they were available, because it removes so much potentially polluting chemicals and lead from the process. Now not only are the x-rays fed directly into our office computer network, they are available immediately, and are far more diagnostic than the films ever were, and, of course, are stored safely and securely on our computers
•  Whereas we once took 35mm photos, we now use digital formats (and have since the mid 1990's), which of course allows us to organize and document files, with far greater organization and clarity.
•  Our preferred way of communicating with patients, our labs, and our venders is via the Internet and eMail. Not only is it faster, but of course it generates zero paper to recycle. Plus, we can get you, or your insurance carrier, all the desired information nearly instantly.
•  100% of our charting is paperless, going directly into your safe, personal files, where it is completely secure to the highest of industry standards, but available at any time for our staff. At one time, our office was going through reams of printer paper daily, but now we ofttimes go for weeks without reloading our printers.

Our commitment goes far beyond minimizing harm to the environment. Sure, we have energy efficient LED lighting, but we also maximize our use of natural sunlight, with our expansive banks of windows. And, when the weather is wonderful, you will generally find our office windows and doors wide open, so that fresh crisp air can fill our office naturally, as it should.

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