Our Services – Treatments

Our Services – Treatments

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we believe it is rarely necessary, and very seldom beneficial, to remove adult teeth (except wisdom teeth) in order to straighten your teeth, and that properly positioned teeth should not require long-term retainers to keep them in position. As a premier dentist in Goose Hollow, Portland, we also believe that bonded porcelains and composites have every advantage over mercury or heavy metal materials for the restoration of lost tooth structure. We strongly believe that excellent dentistry should, with reasonable care, last decades, and that gum conditions can improve dramatically in essentially all patients.

We also believe that if we cannot thoroughly communicate the reasons for proposing a dental procedure, we should not be pursuing that procedure. There is nothing about dentistry that is beyond straightforward and honest explanation, and every patient deserves that understanding before we begin any care—whether for teeth cleaning and dental exam or more comprehensive dental restorations or orthodontic care. We take the time to make certain our patients are informed every step of the way, on every procedure. The best surprise, as they say, is no surprise.

A Passion for Dentistry

Portland dentist Russ Teasdale has earned Fellowship status in several organizations, including the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, the World Clinical Laser Institute, and the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. Most recently, he has been inducted into the Center for Neural Occlusion, the world’s foremost training center for TMJ and TMD treatments, utilizing Disclussion Time Reduction, or DTR. Additionally, Dr. Teasdale has enjoyed several honors from Invisalign®, becoming the first (and only) general practitioner to receive the “Elite Provider” designation from Invisalign in 2012. He has personally completed more Invisalign cases than any other general dental office in Oregon.

As a team, the office has trained extensively on the CEREC 3D milling systems (and indeed, was among the very first offices nationally to acquire that technology) as well as with clinical lasers and air abrasion systems. Staff members have attended vast numbers of classes at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI), along with the Great Lakes Study Club for bonded porcelains. The staff also attends Invisalign International summits on a regular basis.

We have also trained in the advanced treatment of TMJ/TMD through both TechScan and Bioresearch symposiums, which enables us to use computer technologies and EMG readings to fine tune and coordinate the interactions between the muscles and the bite. This technology—the most advanced in the world—at last allows us to get beyond simple carbon paper to place your muscles and bite in harmony, for comfort, efficiency, and lasting results.

Our passion for dentistry spills over into every aspect of our services, and we have consistently remained at the forefront of innovation and adaptation, for the benefit of our patients.

In Your Best Interest

is a rare dental office that can offer the technologies and techniques that are commonplace at Advanced Dental Arts NW. Most offices concentrate on one specific area, but because we focus on how the teeth meet and function, we address your needs comprehensively. Everything relates, of course, to the bite, and if the bite is not placed front and center, absolutely nothing else ultimately matters. But if the bite is done right, properly positioned where the TMJ and the muscles work harmoniously, it becomes the best of all possible worlds. Porcelains look better and last longer, without chipping; retainers are needed only for monitoring the new tooth position; night guards are not necessary; and grinding and clenching are gone, as is cold sensitivity.  

As Steven Covey observed, you must always “begin with the end in mind.” And in the case of dentistry, it is the bite that you have to respect.

Please explore our individual services to learn more about the complete restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic care we provide.

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