At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we are extensively trained in occlusion and dental and facial aesthetics in order to move you toward your orthodontic goal quickly. Dr. Teasdale has studied both conventional braces and Invisalign, and is comfortable in providing whichever method is more efficient to achieve your ideal endpoint. Our nearly two decades as an orthodontic provider, plus our extensive background in Esthetic Dentistry and Minimally Invasive Dentistry, give us a perspective available to few practitioners anywhere.


  •       You need to have teeth extracted to have your teeth straightened.
  •       You will have to wear headgear.
  •       TMJ and grinding are not related to your bite.
  •       Your teeth are too big for your arch.
  •       Braces are your only option.
  •       You will need to wear a retainer for the rest of your life.
  •       Straight teeth are not related to whole-body diseases.
  •       You are too old to benefit from straight teeth.
  •       You are not a candidate for Invisalign.


At Advanced Dental Arts NW, we look beyond the front teeth, because the long-term success of each case depends more on the position of the back teeth and how they fit and function. It is relatively easy to do a quick fix on the front teeth, but if the bite is ignored, the chances are great that the teeth will shift back to where they were.

Properly addressing the position of the back teeth has great short- and long-term benefits. For one thing, a balanced arch is largely self-supporting, with each tooth touching its neighbors in exactly the correct position, so there is less likelihood of the bad bite returning. For another, teeth that are solidly interlocked in a tight bite tend to lead to grinding, clenching, and TMJ problems. We work to free up the bite so that the jaws can slide freely and easily across each other.

That is why we plan and revise each of our Invisalign cases an average of nearly seven times before we are happy with the aesthetic and functional results, and why we monitor the movement of your teeth regularly. It’s also why we are comfortable standing by our fee as the ONLY fee you will pay—including, if necessary, refinements. Finally, it is why we achieve such consistently great results at Advanced Dental Arts NW.

At Advanced Dental Arts NW, with the expertise of cosmetic dentistry care and with respect for the interconnection of muscles, TMJ, and the bite, our approach to comprehensive orthodontics is firmly founded in sound dental science, augmented by decades of observation and analysis, as well as the Essentials of Facial Esthetics.

Simply put, we love broad, happy smiles with well-supported lips and full lower face height, comfortable joints, relaxed muscles without grinding, and teeth arranged to last a lifetime.

This is why we are so enthusiastic about Invisalign, which enables us to work to an endpoint that we can see before we start—to literally “begin with the end in mind.” And because we have such a vast experience and expertise with the system, we recognize what is possible and we work to get there as quickly and as comfortably as possible, without compromise.

We are also very happy to provide exceptionally rapid orthodontic care, to cut the length of treatments like Invisalign to less than a third of the original time. Ask us about Propel, Accledent, and Pro V5, and how they can help you get to your endpoint in far less time.

Whatever the specific need, we treat to the genesis of it and not merely to the symptoms, so that you receive the treatment you need to feel healthier, more energetic, and can better enjoy life!

Fixing More Than Front Teeth
Fixing Misaligned Teeth
Teeth Grinding/Clenching

Whatever the specific need, we treat to the genesis of it and not merely to the symptoms so that you get the treatment you need to feel healthier, more energetic, and can better enjoy life!

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