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It’s All About Perspective

Posted by Hyungsup Lee Oct 01, 2020

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   There is a saying about how, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  There is also the story about the blind men and the elephant, where each person describes what the elephant must be based on what part of the animal they are feeling…

  The moral of the stories, of course, is that you want as broad a picture as possible from someone with a great deal of experience, expertise, and training to weigh in to develop a complete understanding.  Someone who has an appreciation of the benefits, and of the limitations, of a variety of treatments, and who can tailor their recommendations and treatments on what is best for you, in your situation.  

   Over the years we have been caring for patients, we have progressed through the major advancements of modern dentistry.   We no longer look at individual teeth first, but rather to the whole person.  We evaluate posture, profiles, eyes, noses, and ears.  We take scans, when indicated, to evaluate breathing restrictions, and sinus symmetry.  We check the jaw for noises, and often we screen for sleep disorders.  We watch how the teeth interact during chewing, and the contours of your lips and tongue.  

And, lastly, we look at your teeth, and how healthy they are.  Because everything interrelates, and if you don’t know what you are looking for, and why, you will likely not find it.  

About the Author

Dr. Russ Teasdale has served the Portland community for over 30 years, and he works diligently to ensure that his patients benefit from the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry. To learn more about how he can help you finally put your teeth, jaw, and head pain behind you, contact ADANW today.  

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