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More than Just a Pretty Face

Posted by Hyungsup Lee Sep 07, 2022

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An increasing number of people are getting BOTOX these days, to diminish wrinkles and lines in their faces.  Cosmetics is all well and good (and a big part of our practice), but the largely under-appreciated aspect of BOTOX is its role in treating TMJ and facial pain. 

This is because BOTOX works on muscles like a dimmer switch on your light bulbs–it simply “turns down” the intensity of the muscle contractions.  As most TMJ (Tempro-Mandibular Joint) issues are in fact muscular in origin, a prudent and localized dose of Botox can dramatically reduce or eliminate the pain problems.  And it lasts for about 90 days.  It is like a miracle.

But that is not all, by a long shot.  BOTOX also enables us to better diagnose the root problem, to determine if the pain issues are a “Hardware” (meaning within the TMJ itself) or a “Software” (meaning muscular) problem.  Thus, we are able to focus more directly on treating the causes, rather than just the symptoms, of your discomfort.  

And, of course, you get to enjoy both the significant reduction in pain AND the esthetic benefits, as an additional benefit!  And what could be better than a side-effect like that?

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