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Should You Visit the ER for Dental Emergencies?

Posted by Hyungsup Lee Apr 05, 2023

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The world can come to a screeching halt when you suffer a dental emergency, and amidst the panic, the best course of action might not always seem clear. One inclination that people sometimes have is to rush straight to the emergency room, rather than visit their emergency dentist. But is this wise? Here’s why you should visit your dentist first whenever you experience a dental emergency, along with when it’s best to visit the ER.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

A “dental emergency” refers to any type of oral injury that results in abnormal symptoms and requires professional treatment. Some are relatively straightforward to treat, while others require a level of complex care. Although these emergencies might not always seem life-threatening, they can still lead to serious complications if left untreated! Some common ones include:

  • Severe toothaches and hypersensitivity that don’t dissipate
  • Chipped, fractured, impacted, or displaced teeth
  • Damaged or missing dental restorations
  • Excessive oral swelling or bleeding

Where Should I Go If I Experience a Dental Emergency?

The bottom line is that an emergency dentist is the best person to go to when you experience a dental emergency. Thanks to their schooling and licensing, they’re fully capable of handling an incredibly wide range of urgent scenarios. In fact, in several states, it’s actually illegal for someone other than a dentist to perform restorative dental care, fill cavities, or extract teeth—common solutions for addressing emergencies!

That said, emergency rooms don’t keep a dentist on staff, though they are still capable of monitoring your pain and symptoms. Any emergency involving serious trauma like severe cuts or lacerations, a dislocated or broken jaw, or the inability to breathe warrants a trip to the emergency room.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency that doesn’t warrant a trip to the emergency room, you should quickly call your emergency dentist; they will begin providing you with assistance as soon as you arrive, and you’ll be told what to do in the meantime to manage your discomfort. They also typically have time built into their schedules to address emergencies.

A little quick thinking goes a long way when dealing with dental emergencies, and knowing to visit an emergency dentist promptly can ensure that your smile’s health and beauty aren’t in any long-term danger!

About the Practice

The team at Advanced Dental Arts NW proudly serves patients and families in Portland and the surrounding area under the leadership of Dr. Russell Teasdale. They’re happy to offer a wide range of services including emergency dentistry for all of your urgent needs! When you or someone you know needs urgent dental care, don’t hesitate to contact the practice for assistance. Telephone: (503) 966-2528.

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